Website Work is Underway

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

We are in the midst of updating the Web Applications UK website. Whilst the current website is currently functional, we decided it was time for a refresh and rethink. Our designers have been slaving away at the new website and while they are at it have been working on the Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence website at the same time. It’s a busy time for the Design team.

The design team has been very secretive about their new masterpiece, codename Paris Rhinoceros as named by the random codename generator. Every secret development needs its own codename, just ask Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nokia….you get the picture.

We are not currently prepared to provide pictures of the Paris Rhinoceros project; however, we have secured a list of some of the aspects which are being changed. One point which it would be good to remember throughout this process is that the current website is not so much changing as it is being started over from the beginning. We are building two new websites from scratch.

Web Applications UK Website:

The story of this new website will be simplicity. The structure and navigation system is being re-imagined to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. We are implementing a clean and structured layout on each page using fine lines to separate content and adding a full sitemap at the footer of the main page to see what is available at a glance.

The designers are going to town with the imagery of the website. It is rumoured that they have now finished designing a new font for Paris Rhinoceros. Images have been colourised and treated with a pattern overlay to match the background which adds to the digital feel of the website and visual appeal to the user. This goes along with the new colour palette being introduced to contrast the dark background.

This is an brief overview to what will be introduced. The design team will provide updates on the status of Paris Rhinoceros when they are able. In the mean time we must wait (and build anticipation!) for the new website to materialise.

Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence:

We like to provide building progress updates whenever we can on the Centre of Excellence, but we have been quiet about the website. Well, Paris Rhinoceros is not a completed project until both websites are live. The Centre of Excellence website will boast a customised display digital typeface to be used for page headings, sub article headings & banner messages.

We are designing these two websites to work together, so many of the skills exhibited in the WAUK website will also be on show for the CofE website. We are looking forward for the building progress to be complete as we would like to take some pictures of the completed building to use for the website.

The designers have paid special close attention to the visitors who will be visiting the site so that relevant information will be clearly defined. We especially wanted to make sure that our Centre reaches its targeted audiences of students, IT Beginners, IT Professionals and clients.