The Big Brain Academy (cue Eye of the Tiger)

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Is the montage of all of the Web Applications UK office tournaments playing in your mind? Good.

First there was Wii Sport, then there was Guitar Hero (actually there were many tournaments before those two but this way works better for emphasis) and now there is Big Brain Academy.

Wii Sport Resort went out with a bang, Guitar Hero went out with a whisper; we’d like to return to the former’s ending with the Big Brain Academy. Big Brain Academy is a Nintendo Wii game that has been chosen for the next office tournament. Webbies will battle it out for the ultimate victory. Who has the biggest brain!!!

After testing the game out, it seems that it’s much more a appraisal of your dexterity with a Wii controller. After about 5 minutes the average person will have figured out how to beat all of the individual games, which for a webbie means about 2 minutes. Now, the only thing left is how quickly you can move that little pointer across the screen to choose the answer. Enter: Dexterity.

We enjoy a little competition in the office, and what’s the point of a Wii without the impetus to play it? Enter competition time. We value victory! Success! Triumph! Big Brain Academy will give one special Webbie a shot at intra office fame, who would say ‘no’ to that?

At the moment we have 19 gladiators ready for the ultimate battle. Alright maybe not ‘ultimate’, how about ‘major’? No? Fine it’s a middling little battle but a battle none the less! It is a battle to be fought with honour, determination, and verve. Never forget the verve. The tournament brackets will probably be posted next week. Tune in to follow the progress of your favourite.