The Fantasy is Over. For Now.

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Well football fans, the season is over, let’s take a look at how our fantasy managers performed.

It seemed that our fearless leaders were in the front of the pack for quite a while. Safder and Shui may have alternated between first and second place, but for weeks the battle for the top spot was only really between those two. At the end of 38 gameweeks, here are the winners and honourable mentions from the Web Applications UK League.

Safder’s Milk Snatchers took the top spot with an overall score of 2006.

Shui’s Akatsuki United players fought well with a final tally of 1973.

Third place was heavily contested as Mark with his team Last Place FC beat out John P’s AFC Turkey Drummers by three points: Mark with 1938 and John with 1935 points.

Finally in fifth were Claire’s Snow Soldiers with 1901 points.

Third place was an especially contentious battle as John was ahead by 1 going into the final gameweek, however Mark managed to score 4 more points at the finish line, beating out John for the Third Place Prize AND manager of the month of May. Ouch.

And so this year’s tournament is closed, congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the losers and let’s all get ready for next year’s rematch!

And because everyone loves a good table, here is how the managers looked at the end of the season.

Place Team Manager Total
1 The Milk Snatcher Safder 2006
2 Akatski United Shui 1973
3 Last Place FC Mark 1938
4 AFC Turkey Drummers John P 1935
5 Snow Soldiers Claire 1901
6 The BlueMooners Dale 1861
7 Athletico AC F.C. Darren 1814
8 Jammy Dodgers Naomi 1807
9 Jolly Rogers Melanie 1799
10 Northern Smashers FC Noy 1759
11 Team Ace Ashley 1718
12 Sween of the South Chris S 1713
13 Ashton Villa Kate 1665
14 Lauren’s Losers Lauren 1603
15 Fred West Ham Chris H 1601
16 The Green Army Nick 1598
17 Viva FC Jijo 1591
18 Frugal Football FC Shaun 1570
19 Wag Whacker FC Rob  I 1569
20 Kelly’s Heros Lee 1473
21 Thargy United Craig 1445
22 The Support Monkeys Jeff 1439
23 Discos Drivers Cheryl 1426
24 Little Giants Vivienne 1358
25 Real Accrington Andrew 1304
26 Lester United Robin 1068


Viewers of the table should keep in mind that not all of the players joined during the first gameweek. For example Vivienne’s Little Giants didn’t start playing until week 4, so there are three weeks where that team did not gain any points at all.  The same can be said of Lester United and Thargy United.  It should also be noted that the teams ranked 20th to 26th each had two or fewer transfers during the course of the entire season.  To put that in perspective, the average number of transfers in the top five teams was 52.  Well, once again we hope everyone enjoyed the season and look forward to competing again next season! Interested parties can visit the Barclays