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Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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IT support can sometimes be like a warranty, you really didn’t think it would be necessary until something breaks and you find yourself out of luck. This situation is bad enough for your home TV or microwave, but when it is your business’ computers or a network malfunction the stakes are well and truly raised.

Whilst some ‘down time’ is great for individual people, it isn’t so good for companies. With Web Applications UK IT Support packages we can give you 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, pro-active daily heath checks and remote access support run by our Microsoft Certified Support Professionals.

Our IT Support and Managed Services offers Telephone and Remote Access Support, 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring, Complete Monitoring, Pro-active Daily Health Checks, Workstation Health Checks, Automatic Reports, Full Infrastructure Audit and On-Site Support. Web Applications UK offers four levels of Support: Budget, Standard, Premium and Enterprise.

Telephone and Remote Access Support

Microsoft-certified support engineers provide telephone and remote access support, with industry beating extended office hours of 8am to 6pm, every day of the week. Budget offers a discounted, office hours only, hourly rate. Standard adds a discounted out of office hours rate, whilst Premium adds UNLIMITED office hours support. Enterprise is our top plan, adding UNLIMITED out of office hours support.

24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

This round-the-clock monitoring plan is exclusive to Premium and Enterprise plans; we’ll monitor your systems so that as soon as there’s a problem like loss of internet connectivity or Windows Service failures, we’ll know about it.

Complete Monitoring

Rather than just monitor your servers we take a more rounded approach to IT support. We monitor your RAID arrays, remote offices, ISP connection, bandwidth usage, your website … and your server. In short, we monitor the key parts of your ‘whole system’ that cause the most issues.

Proactive Daily Health Checks

Many issues – like disks growing too quickly, anti-virus pattern files not being updated, detecting unauthorised logins, spot emerging problems with physical disk health and more – may not be causing you problems right now, but could develop into full-blown disasters if left undetected. We’ll check your systems every day and deal with the problems, emailing you a report showing the health of your systems.

Workstation Health Checks

While the server, internet connectivity and network devices are critical to the operation of your business, workstation problems tend to inconvenience one user at a time. Our workstation health checks can be a useful way to spot periodic workstation problems and can run on any Windows based PC or laptop, checking critical issues at a time that is convenient for your users.

Automatic Reports – Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Key personnel can be set to receive daily, weekly or monthly PDF-reports based on key system metrics, straight to their inbox. This allows you to see, at a glance, the overall health and performance of your systems. Alternatively, you can log into your client portal on our website to see key information regarding software licenses, serial numbers, hardware specifications, inventory reports, current system states and much more.

Full Infrastructure Audit

As part of our Premium and Enterprise plans, we’ll undertake a complete audit of your IT infrastructure every six months, so that we, and you, know exactly what servers, desktops, laptops, switches, routers, etc., are on your network, what operating system they are running, the service pack level, etc.

On-site Support

If an on-site visit is required by an engineer, you can rest assured that one of our highly qualified and experienced team will be at your premises well within 8 working hours (or 24 hours for out-of-office), ready to get you back in business as soon as possible. With a wide range of plans, you can tailor your on-site support to meet your budget.

For more information and a chart to see exactly what is offered at each tier of support, visit our