HTML5 Alive!

Recently two of our esteemed developers attended a HTML5 API workshop, gained some new skills and got to participate in some training that piqued their interest.

Jeff and John participated in Left Logic’s HTML5 API workshop run by Remy Sharp who also ran the Full Frontal JavaScript conference last year in Brighton that a number of Webbies were able to attend. We like to encourage everyone to take advantage of the training offered by Web Applications whether or not it has a direct relation to their work. Keeping the mind sharp is good for everyone.

The boys enjoyed Remy’s teaching style; he was funny, clear and interactive which made for an enjoyable day of HTML5. One thing that was very impressive was his ‘hack’ application that was produced in 29 minutes, showcasing the technologies he was teaching such as web sockets and canvas.

The day was broken up into an introduction, video, canvas, web sockets, local storage and more to provide the groundwork for creating applications. The attendees learned how to create applications (read: games) using canvas that could be developed in a web browser. I assume this means they would have been able to do that Apprentice challenge all on their own.