Building Progress: A New Frontier

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

It has been a while since you all have been treated to a building progress update for the Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence. Well, we’re going to fix that, we have brand new pictures of each of the three floors of Elizabeth House and we’re ready to share.

The pictures and descriptions are arranged from top to bottom, so the first floor is up first.

First Floor

Elizabeth House First Floor, Web Applications UK Centre of ExcellenceAs you can see the workers are quite heavily focused on the infrastructure at the moment, getting the lighting fixtures set up and making sure the air conditioner is installed. Our photographer fell in love with this air conditioner so we have a number of pictures of it to show you. Also, if you take a close look at those boxes, those are full of carpet tiles. What does that mean? New carpets. Obviously there’s no point in putting in the new carpeting until the infrastructure is complete and there’s been a proper clean-up. It may look a bit messy but I have a feeling this room could clean up rather quickly.

Elizabeth House First Floor, Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the individual classrooms. The chairs are there, ready and waiting for eager students.

This picture of the air conditioner on the right has been said to remind people of Star Trek. I am desperately trying to picture this on Star Trek but am having difficulties. Which Star Trek? Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko, the one with Scott Bakula – I just can’t place it! To me it looks a little like something from the Millennium Falcon, just waiting for Chewie to pop his head out.

Ground Floor

Web Applications UK Centre of ExcellenceWeb Applications UK Centre of ExcellenceWe’re in the wiring stage of the ground floor development. Notice the amount of top panels which are missing and the prevalence of ladders.

We have an action shot here, no ladders required. I think we should sign him up to the Olympics for gymnastics using the pummel horse.

“Look, you’ll need high ceilings to perform those handstands”

“No no, we’ll just take out more ceiling panels, it’ll be fine”

“You’re the professional…”


Web Applications UK Centre of ExcellenceWAUK:CofEFor the basement we begin our journey outside. Let’s take a look at those great glass window furnishings. The land the building sits on is on a slant which is why there is a basement entrance and ground floor entrance.

The lighting on this floor is not yet complete as we stare into the darkness…and it stares back!  Seriously though, I don’t know where those lights come from.

Well, as least we know that our construction experts have plenty of tools at their disposal, just look at the amount of cords on offer (see picture below, right)!


Well, that’s the end of this building progress update.

Tune in for more information on how close Elizabeth House is to completion, and thus the opening of the Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence.  We are really looking forward to the Centre of Excellence opening its doors to welcome its first students.  The end of this project is still a few months away but we’ll keep you informed of all the relevant improvements along the way!