Alistair the multi-terrain vehicle

Alistair has been a great profilee; our chat has resulted in one of the most unique profile discussions I’ve had so far. What started out as a normal profile chat quickly descended into what felt like a job interview (with me as the conductor) and the progressed into an impromptu life story. None of these are bad things. Alistair was exceptionally forthcoming and relaxed so, without further ado, let’s hear all about it.

Alistair started at Web Applications in February 2010 as a Project Manager for the Acumen division. Since then he has retained that role as well as taken on the lead of developing Mercury with his development team. On a day to day basis Alistair’s duties involve answering emails and calls, and issues that have arisen and chasing up any outstanding work. He is uniquely suited to a Project Management role after spending many years as a developer twinned with a very affable personality.

His favourite part of his job is talking to people. Alistair is a very social person and likes interacting with people and seeing them satisfied. The most difficult part of his job happens when he sees people get off on the wrong foot. If the best part is resolving someone’s issue and seeing them happy, the worst is unrealistic expectations that lead to constant dissatisfaction.
Alistair is a classics man, and by classics we’re talking movies of the Charlton Heston era. His favourite film is Ben Hur which includes characters named Quintus and Sextus, all that seems to be missing is a Septimus and Octavian (ba-dum ching!) but I digress. It was this kind of movie that Alistair was raised on and he still considers old Hollywood classics his favourites.
When it comes to books, he has a range of interests. He enjoys some modern best-sellers like the Dan Brown books (The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, etc) as well as Iranian poetry which harkens back to his childhood. Alistair was born is Tehran during the Shah rule and came over to the UK for University. The Islamic Revolution in Iran through a spanner is his plans and with the support of his family he decided to stay in Britain instead of return to Iran. Alistair landed his first role as a software developer in Liverpool over 20 years ago and the rest is history. He likes to keep himself well informed with what’s going on back in Iran, and he feels particularly far away he enjoys reading Persian poetry written Farsi.
Alistiar provided some fun facts about his last name, Gashgai. Gashgai is a shortened version of the tradition Ghashghai – the full version really does have a lot of Hs. Gashgai comes from a nomadic tribe in Iran from whom Alistair descends. There is another alternative spelling of the name: Qashqai. Recognise the name? It’s the name Nissan gave to one of its new SUVs. The name probably came from the link to the Nomadic tribe, but who knows, maybe someone at Nissan wanted to put the spotlight on Alistair, anything is possible.
And finally, to bring us back to present day, during his leisure time when he’s not reading poetry or Dan Brown, you can find Alistair relaxing by the pool at a David Lloyd Leisure facility. He is a big fan of swimming and treasures his membership.