The Day of the Genii Approaches

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

We are gearing up for the second semi-annual Web Applications UK Genius Day.

genius1Genius Day was a new concept introduced last year. The idea is simple, give people a full day to devote themselves to something that interests them. Projects can be on anything, from fixing/changing something work-related, coming up with an interesting proposal, or just about anything you want, the options are endless.

We had a great time with Genius Day last year with such ideas as a new program to track the amount of time spent on a project, a new way of PAT testing electronics around the office and taking a look at wireless electricity and search by sound. This is the day to get those mind-juices flowing and is a break from daily working life. On Friday May 6 everyone will have a full day to come up with and develop their idea (people can work alone or in groups) and Monday May 9 everyone will present their project. Everyone must present, even those shrinking violets out there, for at least 2 minutes – whether working alone or in a group, each person must speak.

While everyone who participates is a winner, there were a few who stood out for additional distinction. The top honours went to Cheryl, Andrew and Louise who came up with a iPhone Application that provided directions that avoided known traffic problems. Second place went to Kris and Kerry who presented three separate topics which ranged from the formal improved user interface for the Babel Log, to the informal introduction to Web comics in the RSS feed. Third place went to Steve Elliott for ‘Managed Extensibility Framework’ which has something to do with .NET, hosting applications and plugins.

There were a number of honourable mentions as well including Chris H, John P, Claire, Steve M and Rashid. All in all a productive and fun time was had by all, and no one with a public speaking phobia had a breakdown – so with that in mind it was an unmitigated success.

We are certainly anticipating the second coming of Genius Day, and we’re planning on making it a biannual occurrence (once in May, once in October/November). So, keep your eyes peeled for more Genius Day updates and we’ll be sure to provide an overview of what the Web Applications Genii put together.