One floor at a time please

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Well, you should know by now that Building Work part 1 is complete. The downstairs of Web Applications UK (Windsor Works) is finished and twelve of us have moved downstairs. Now that that’s done and dusted, we turn our eyes to the rather larger undertaking of part 2, The Web Applications UK Centre of Excellence (WAUKCE). This week’s focus? The Basement.

The Centre of Excellence is going to be housed in the Elizabeth House just across the street from our current home, Windsor Works. Quite simply, in the past weeks we have been carefully dismantling Elizabeth House in order to give it proper foundations and really start our designs from the beginning. It appears to our interested onlookers that the destruction phase of the building work may be nearing completion as we witness the first signs of new life and colour.

Would it be a Building Progress Update without pictures? Of course not. The pictures you are about to see are the first stages of new work of the basement of the Elizabeth House, the lighting hasn’t been completed yet so take the heavily shadowed images as just a foreshadowing of what’s to come. (See that? That’s a twice-baked shadow right there.)

Picture 1: See the flood floor lights? See the shadows? See the cords?  Yes, things are beginning to come together, these walls are completely new (it used to be all brick) and the clearing-out process is still on-going. This is  Future Training Room numero uno.

Picture 1: Training Room













Picture 2: Planks and ladders and power tools oh my! It’s so satisfying to watch the work progress in real time. In this picture we are treated to a view of the other basement training room. All in all we are planning on have six seperate rooms for training, examinations and general usage in various sizes.















Picture 3:  Now ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at what will be the entrance to the basement level (notice the door to the outside).  Behind that beautiful half turquoise barrier will be the lift.   In the next picture you, the viewer, will be presented with an alternate angle of that area (do try to keep your bearings).















Picture 4:  Yes ma’am, we’re getting a lift to satisfy all your mobility needs.  The picture is taken from the basement floor with the camera point upwards, above that platform you can see the 1st floor.















Well, we do indeed hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the basement of the Elizabeth House.  The construction on other floors continues as well and hopefully we’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the rare bird on another visit.  As it is, please enjoy the view from these pictures, if for nothing else than a before and after album for posterity.