Building Progress: We’re settling in just fine

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

We have moved downstairs!

Well, we actually moved downstairs a while ago, I thought I would give everyone some time to settle in and messy the place up before taking pictures of it.

Well now, let’s take you through the tour, stop one, the mini group.


The desks downstairs are split into two groups, a three-person group and then a nine-person group.  Which brings us to:


The nine-person group!  See Kate work, see Craig read, see the desks piece together!

downstairs 2

And from a different angle.  We see John hunched over his desk and a beautiful view of the glass along the new meeting rooms.  Would you like a peek into the meeting room?  Of course you would…

Now those are some comfy chairs.

We are very happy to have successfully completely phase 1 of our building progress.  We are thoroughly enjoying our new digs (along with double the amount of bathrooms).  For more pictures of our new downstairs, pop over to our facebook Page and feast your eyes.  While you’re there, feel free to ‘like’ us, you know you want to.