Samson and the Chilli contest, the tale of Red Nose Day

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

We are very happy to report that Red Nose Day was a *GREAT* success. Everyone banded together to make it the most successful office charity fundraising campaign this year!

We raised money by bringing in baked goods of all sorts from shortbread to brownies, cookies, cupcakes, everything a young non-diabetic could ask for. We had a sliding scale of pricing for larger items, 50p for the big treats down to 10p for the little finger-food pieces. It was, in a word: fantastic; and we all enjoyed being extremely well fed for a day.

Next, John Sampson cut off his hair, all of it. No really, here are some pictures as proof. The sponsorship for John to do this poured in and made up the majority of funds for the day. This was a pretty impressive gesture for Red Nose Day. A side effect of John getting rid of his ponytail was other people slowly eyeing up the remaining office mantails (man ponytail) with destruction on their minds. We’ll sure this experience will only make him stronger.                          

John’s ponytail met its end in our main meeting room which was filled to the brim with almost every member of staff watching, some in glee, others in horror, as Billy chopped off John’s ponytail, and Robert proceeded to shave off the rest. A surprising number of staff offered their own trimmers in order to shave John’s head.

And finally, the spotlight moment of the afternoon, and certainly the longest drawn-out one, we raised money for the Web Applications UK Chilli Eating Contest. Six brave webbies decided that, taste buds be darned, they could be the chilli-eating champion. The contest lasted a bleary 23 minutes, about halfway through the event it was down to two people, Chris and Liam, who just continued eating long after anyone thought possible. Chris gained a second wind and powered through the pain until steel-faced Liam (who never once seemed in the least fazed by any of the proceedings) decided to throw in the towel. It was a hard-won and glorious win for Chris, and special congratulations for Liam as the runner up. Other participants were Herman in 3rd place, Bob in 4th place, Billy in 5th place and Dale in 6th place. We want to extend a warm thank you to all who were involved, it was truly a great event.

Below you can view the video from the event!

We are still receiving and counting up the donations, at the moment we are at about £200 which will be doubled by Web Applications to result in approximately £400! An excellent turnout indeed.