Chris, The Man, The Mystery

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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After spending time with Chris S, interviewing him for his profile, I felt like I had quite a bit of research to do, it seems I’m behind the times, or I just missed those times altogether. At the end of the day I ended up listening to a lot of music I was not accustomed to and now I have a migraine. Sorry Chris, your profile is being written in anger.

Let us start at the beginning with the simple questions. Chris wasn’t sure how long he has been with Web Applications, he thought it was “three of four years?” Well, I can tell you Chris, you started on July 16 2007, which means you will have been here 4 years in 3 months. If nothing else today, that mystery is solved.

Chris is a Senior Engineer here who works on Traveller developments. He has two developers working under him, Matt and Andrew Y, on Louise’s Yellow Team. Teams get re-organised fairly regularly around here but Chris has managed to stick with Louise for a while now (knock wood). Aside from ensuring the quality of the technical development, Chris takes the mentorship of his two developers very seriously and tries to make sure he answers all of their questions. Matt and Andrew you are both welcome to comment below.