Four Sheep to Every Kate

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

This week’s profile is Kate.  I admit, it is a little unfair, it’s kind of half about Kate half my fascination with Wales, but please, indulge me just this once.

Kate is a Personal Assistant, specifically Craig’s Personal Assistant, for our purposes we’ll shorten that to a PA, but not PA to CE because that has just way too many acronyms for my liking.  So, let’s find out about Kate.

Kate started her time at Web Applications UK last July so she knows the ropes. She also knows everything that goes on around the office. It is quite literally her job to be nosy. She is in charge of a number of scheduling hurdles, she organises Craig’s meetings, organises the building work meetings, handles the sales leger, chases outstanding balances and basically has a hand in absolutely everything that goes on here.

Kate enjoys getting to see what is happening around the office, and she is starting to view this building work like a child, starting little and slowly growing up, with destruction in its path. You know, in a ‘destroy in order to create’ kind of way, but without the imposed communism of Stalin with nihilistic tendencies. Like taking out light fixtures to put in new ones.  Okay never mind, she just likes to watch the progress.  Jeez.

Kate is a girl’s girl, she likes shopping, eating out, shopping, and the list goes on. Have I mentioned yet that Kate is Welsh? We’ll get to that in a moment. Kate enjoys fine dining in a variety of restaurants and is open to all kinds of food. Especially Welsh food, because, you know, she’s Welsh.

Now, I’ve been watching a lot of shows featuring Rob Brydon recently so I think I have a pretty good idea of what it means to be Welsh. I wanted to find out just how Welsh Kate really was so I started with a spectacular opening gambit, ‘Are you Welsh, or are you from Wales’. Now I learned this from Mr. Brydon and it’s a very interesting question, Kate like all proud North Walians indicated that she identified herself as Welsh. Good girl.

Continuing on with this theme, I gave Kate a short Wales quiz to see how much she knew about her home principality, sorry, country, err Nation?  I don’t know. She did marginally well with 3 correct answers out of 8 questions, luckily she gets 5 bonus points for speaking Welsh. Kate knew the national flower of Wales was the Daffodil, the patron saint is Saint David and that Prince Charles was crowned in Caernarfon castle. Unfortunately Kate thought about 60% of people in Wales could speak Welsh (really 21%), the ratio of sheep to humans was 1:1 (it is 4:1), that Cardiff became the capital in the 1930s (it was the 1950s), and did not know the first name of the Welsh Surveyor who gave Mount Everest its name (hint, his last name was Everest). In Kate’s defence, there was really no way she could have figured out those answers so I think she did well. In her opinion, the best thing about Wales is definitely the accent which is probably why she enjoys Gavin and Stacey so much. What’s occurrin?

In conclusion I would like to take a moment to focus on some famous Welsh actors. This includes the likes of Anthony Hopkins,who we all know made a much better Hannibal than that Brian Cox fellow, Christian Bale (though I have yet to hear an accent), Catherine Zeta-Jones (she really isn’t Spanish), Timothy Dalton (some say he was the best Bond, not many, but some), Rhys Ifans (rumour has it he still spends time in Wales!) and my personal favourite Owain Yeoman, partly for the name, partly because he is on The Mentalist (it’s a great show). In fact, Wales produces so many great actors, they seem to be tripping over themselves as Christian Bale and Rhys Ifans hail from the same town of Haverfordwest which has a population of all of 10,000. How is that for a fun fact!   Now, if Kate decided she wanted to become an actress later in life, I think her chances are pretty good.