Travel Through Your Television

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

The Travel Technology Initiative (TTI) produces a quarterly Newsletter on industry developments, news from within TTI and upcoming events and seminars. In Quarter 1 of 2011 (AKA February) the newsletter contained an article from a guest columnist, our very own Craig Dean. Travel Through Your Television discussed the implications of social media through the rise of IPTV and how travel companies and hotel owners can leverage this brand new route to market. You can find a copy of the newsletter here.

We are very proud of this debut article and hope to have the opportunity to produce more pieces in the future. To find out more about TTI, visit their website TTI is a European user group which promotes technology in the travel, tourism and leisure industries. Since 1989 TTI has been a forum to discuss industry progress and a place to exchange ideas. Web Applications UK was the keynote speaker at the TTI Autumn Conference; other speakers included and Virgin galactic.

As a taster for the article, here is the opening paragraph, don’t forget you can find the rest of it here.

Any IT professional worth their salt has a side obsession in futurology. Get a bunch of developers in a room and talk quickly turns to the next big thing. The reason for this obsession is simple; it is where tomorrow’s margins are going to come from. The earlier you place your bets, the better the return, whilst companies that back the wrong horse can face difficult times ahead.