Five Reasons to Visit us at TTE

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

We have been putting a lot of work into preparing for the Travel Technology Europe show next week. Everything is coming together and without a doubt this will be our best exhibition yet. Due to the amount of man hours (I use that term in its androgynous meaning) we have put into this show, we really want to make sure that you don’t miss anything. That’s assuming you are coming, and we really think you should.

Demos Demos Everywhere

We will have Cheryl and Sara on Demo duty showing off all the latest and greatest improvements to our products. Cheryl and Sara are both extremely well informed Project Managers so you can ask them anything, anything at all. Craig, Nick and Vivienne are also attending so make sure to come over and have a chat; we have enough people around that someone should be available.

It’s a Multi-media extravaganza!

Our stand is going to have a number of display screens available. Some of these screens will be used for product demonstration purposes and one of them will have a rolling presentation. This rolling presentation has really been a labour of love so we would love for you to be able to witness what our designers are able to achieve, extra points if you can guess the software they used.

Goodie Packs!

As a sponsor of TTE we will be giving away bags for the event. The bags were designed in-house and will have a wonderful imprint of our little lovable figurine.  Inside you will find some pens, post-its and humbugs from us as well as anything else that our overarching event overlords choose to add in. Also at our stand (B17) make sure you pick up one of our very sleek brochures, they are just crying out for human touch. Brochures need love too.

El Stando

Our stand this year is really something to see. We have gone down the environmentally friendly route and chosen a stand made of re-usable materials. Yeah, we love you too madre tiera. Make sure to visit us on stand B17.


Chief Executive Craig Dean will be conducting a seminar in the TTE Live Presentation Theatre on Tuesday February 8 at 1pm. All the presentations are free to attend and seats are allocated on a first-come first-served basis so make sure to get there early. His presentation will be on the importance of sustainable innovation to businesses.

How many more reasons do you need!? Make sure to drop by and say hello, we would love to see you. Our stand number is B17, oops, I did it again. Sorry for the repetition, we just don’t want you to miss anything.