The eCRM Cycle

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

We want to help our clients maximise their customer communications. We are in the midst of providing an intriguing piece of work, and thought we would share it with everyone.

We want to help maximise customer engagement and ensure our clients are communicating with their customers in the most efficient way possible. We investigated the possibility of a ‘live trigger’ type of response, an instant-reply email that said ‘thank you for booking’ or ‘how was your Holiday’ that was set in motion by customer interaction. If someone called up a call centre and made an availability enquiry, send an email out straight away with similar bookings to try and convert that query into a booking.

The solution was found in Brease Scheduling. While the emails (which are essentially Brease reports) are not strictly set off by ‘live triggers’, the reports can be set to run every five minutes resulting in near instant responses. If you want to give customers some time to make up their mind after making contact, you can add lag time. Say someone calls the call centre with an availability search, give them an hour to call back, if they do, great, if not they receive a helpful email with similar options.

One of the cool things you can set up in the email is a link to the availability search page with the customer’s saved settings. Same number of adults, children, pets, region, etc., all of that information has been saved and the link will take the customers to a page with up-to-date pricings and availability.

Situations for use include not only after an availability search, but also after a brochure request, if someone booked a holiday this time last year an email to suggest destinations they might also like to try or a survey request (and a thank you for completing the survey). All of these options allow the conversation between you and the customer to remain open and relevant, even after the customer has returned from the holiday. What we do not want is a breakdown of communication.  If all this sounds pretty good to you, make sure you get in touch with your project manager.