The Christmas Party gets photographic documentation

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Saturday night saw the infamous Web Applications Christmas Party. The night went off without a hitch and we thought we’d provide some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The night began with the usual reception drinks and the starters. Everyone sat down at their tables, opened their Secret Santa presents with varying degrees of satisfactions and stuck into the famous faces quiz. Craig’s Christmas Speech came next and he managed to stick to his time slot! It reminds one of Fozziwig’s speech from the much revered Muppets Christmas Carol.

Fozziwig: My speech! Here’s my Christmas speech. Ahem. Thank you all, and Merry Christmas.

I will abstain from including the Marley brothers’ response. Let’s just say they enjoyed it.

The mains rolled out and subsequently the Webbie Awards began. I can now announce the various winners of the Webbie Awards.