Movember Week III Revenge of the ‘Stache

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

It’s a slightly delayed Movember Update this week, we gave our Mo Bros time to shave their ‘staches into style.

So another Movember week comes to an end.  There is only one week left until the official end of Movember, though it is important to remember that fundraising for Prostate Cancer continues all year ‘round. Next Tuesday will be the final Movember update before, in all likelihood, these moustaches will instantly disappear.  Let’s enjoy Movember while it lasts!

Jeff Week 3

Jeff seems to be slowly moving away from his target moustache with the addition of that chin hair, but hey, it looks like it works on him.

Rob gets ever closer to dream of the Travolta ‘stache.  I think if he got a spotlight, deprived himself of sunlight for a while and invested in some sunglasses, he could be there!

Safder continues to insist he is older than 15.  We continue to stare at his drivers licence in disbelief.  It’s still a good effort.

Minus some major beard stubble, Lee’s moustache is pretty much there.

Reminder: this is the last week to give to our Mo Bros in support of the cause.

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And so we say farewell until next week where we will get the final pictures of our Movember Men and their moustaches. This week’s profile is going to be on Safder, check it out to find out Safder’s views on Movember, how he got involved and how he chose his goal David Brent/Ricky Gervais moustache.  See you on November 30, the last day of Movember, to find out how all of our bro’s staches turned out!