A Litre of Cola Please, Every Kind You’ve Got

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

On Friday the office banded together in support of Children in Need. With donations to secure a uniform-free day, raffle tickets and a Pepsi/Coca Cola Challenge with sponsorship, we were able to raise a respectable amount of money for this venerable charity. Let’s get to the point here, we know what everyone wants to see…Allan’s challenge.

Now, just a short preamble – you’re going to have to forgive the quality of the video, and by that I mean my shaky hands. I would like to extend a special thank you to Shui for allowing me to borrow his iPhone 4 for the cause. A small piece of advice to anyone filming with an iPhone, hold in the landscape orientation, it just works better. The video ended up being a bit long, so it’s been edited a little with Windows Live Movie Maker. Movie Maker is a great product for someone like me who has never edited a video before, it is extremely simple to use but is also somewhat limited in its capabilities. All in all the video went from six and a half minutes to about five minutes which is definitely an improvement. I hope you’ll also notice the background music that has been added, you may recognise it as the sample music that comes with Windows. And you thought there would never be a use for Kalimba – Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tuna)! Enough explanation, bring on Allan!


If you would to watch this video in its native YouTube, you can find it