Once there was a Batman, now there is a Catman

It is Chris H’s turn this week to sit in the hot seat for his profile. Chris’ opening gambit, ‘Can we talk about LOLcats?’ Why yes Chris, yes we can.

Chris is a Software Engineer who recently moved from support out into ‘the real world’. He prefers his new position outside the fishbowl where he is now working primarily on AcuWeb (soon to be known as Extrali). He likes having his own project that he can really sink his teeth into rather than working on whatever issue comes his way for the day. Of course Chris misses his old haunt, specifically the chat and the food that is hidden in Bob’s desk. His words of advice to Safder who has recently joined the Support team were to take advantage of Bob’s snacks; apparently he has a range of goodies. So Safder, Chris says to help yourself – if Bob gets mad just blame Chris.

Chris’ fellow Brown team members include Alistair, Rob and Guy. Chris is a 10-6 kind of guy, taking advantage of our flexi-time to get a few more minutes of sleep. He comes in and makes his cup of tea and then carries on with what he is currently working on – which constitutes a change from his Support days. Oh and don’t forget, and average day also contains at least one LOLcat.

What is a LOLcat? A LOLcat is an amusing photo or video starring a cat doing something funny or making a funny face, laugh out loud cat. The cats speak English with either a strong cat accent or just incredibly poor grammar, I cannot decide which. Chris loves cats and he can’t wait for the day he can get one. He has a feeling that when he is able to get a cat, he won’t get just one – he’ll get 10 at once. In this way he will become an instant cat lady/man; he is oddly okay with that. An example of a Halloween LOLcat would be something like this the picture below.

While we’re on the subject of pets the Georges, Chris’ Sea Monkeys, are doing quite well. We think the Sea Monkeys might be pregnant but we’ve hit a wall in finding out information about gestation periods and general Sea Monkey biology. Apparently they have not been exhaustively studied. So we continue to wait for the new generation of Georges; I hope they come soon, Chris is starting to get a little bored of them. Yes he loves his Sea Monkeys dearly but they are off to the side of his desk and he does not devote a significant portion of his day gazing dreamily into their tank. He figures that if he ever really feels like getting rid of them he can always allow their Godmother Claire to adopt them.

Well, let us not forget it is Halloween this weekend. So, does Chris participate in Halloween? No. Carve pumpkins? No. Get candy for kids? No. Well, moving on then. Let’s look at some of Chris’ actual hobbies.

Chris enjoys playing the guitar. He prefers rhythm guitar which has proved tricky when trying to join a band. Most bands have one or two guitarists – a lead guitarist who does solos and melodies and things, and a rhythm guitarist who is usually the lead singer as well. Chris likes to play rhythm guitar, but does not sing. He hopes to join a band one day but has rather resigned himself to the fact that there is not an easy place for him to fit into in the music scene. Sorry Chris.

He has also taken Gordon’s crown as the Chilli King. Oh yes, Chris is Number 1 in the odd chilli eating contest that seems to have become a full on Web Applications subculture. But hey, it’s always good to be king… unless of course you’re being deposed.

Chris enjoys guitar hero and has somewhat faithfully been participating in the competition. We’re onto the knockout round now and Chris is definitely bitter at his round one draw – it’s against Claire, one of the most competitive people in the office – in a good way. It will definitely be a tough match for Chris, but who knows, hope abounds. We know that Chris can definitely cheer himself up if he loses with a LOLcat, lolz.

Oh boy we’ve got an Update! Web Applications is holding a Pumpkin carving contest (carve at home and send in a picture) and Chris has indicated he WILL be participating! I think we have reignited Halloween for at least one person, our work here is done.