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Jack Simpson

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Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Web Application’s Craig Dean has made his way into the Oldham Chronicle once again. He can be seen on page 17 of the Wednesday October 20th edition of the illustrious paper. The article in question concerns the City Learning Centre; Craig is pictured with the other five members of its board.

The City Learning Centre opened seven years ago to provide high-end I.T. support to Oldham’s schools and colleges. The centre has great facilities including an auditorium, seminar rooms, iPads and more. Since its foundation the City Learning Centre has received government funds through a financial partnership, but given the spending cuts throughout government budgets the organisation is now nervous about its future funding.

To offset this, the City Learning Centre is seeking to build more partnerships within the borough. The manager of the centre, Dave Barter, said ‘now we need to promote a partnership with the whole of Oldham and we want to make available our outstanding resources to support local business.’ This would result in a win-win situation for all of Oldham allowing the facilities to continue to support local education whilst becoming a resource for the entire area.

For further information please contact Dave Barter at Full article below. 

Oldham Chronicle on CLC

Apologies to Paul Galloway from Key 103 who is standing to the right of Alison Heneghan.  The full title of the article is ‘Promoting better education for all’.