Around Town: Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Recently attending a showing at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre, we realised this theatre is a crucial link between Oldham’s rich past and present.  The theatre is a local landmark that needs attention, respect and patronage.

The beginnings of the theatre date back to 1885, and now, 125 years later, it is the oldest surviving theatre in Oldham. This theatre is renowned for taking risks with its productions producing sometimes challenging plays; but challenging plays can make for the best entertainment. The Oldham Coliseum has loyal audience who keep coming back for quality productions year after year.

The Oldham Coliseum Theatre does not provide drama alone, but is a vibrant member of the Oldham Community to which we belong. Theatrical performances are not limited to the Coliseum Theatre building; they take place all over Oldham anywhere the Coliseum brand is displayed. The Coliseum’s Education and Outreach department allows everyone to get involved; serving the diverse Oldham community and helping make the performing arts relevant to all Oldham’s members. The Coliseum Theatre assists local people to achieve their creative potential, supports new talent and spreads the love of theatre across the Oldham Area. There are a number of activities available at the theatre, many of which are free. There are a range of workshops open to Children (5-12), Young People (11-25), Adults (18+) and one last group tailored for the mature crowd (50+).

The Sunshine BoysRecently our Chief Exec Craig went to a showing of The Sunshine Boys, a Neil Simon Classic. The Sunshine Boys tells the story of an aging comedy duo in the 1980s, and let’s just say the performance was considered a success. Make sure to catch a showing of the production soon as it will wrap up on October 23.

Some upcoming productions at the Coliseum Theatre include:

Desperate To Be Doris – Nominated for a Manchester Evening News Theatre Award
Run Time: 27-30 October

The Caretaker – A Harold Pinter comic masterpiece
Run Time: 2 – 6 November

Sleeping Beauty – A traditional Pantomime
Run Time: 20 November – 8 January

As with all theatres today, the Oldham Coliseum relies on its patrons to keep its doors open. Help support this business by attending one of the upcoming productions or getting involved in one of the many workshops on offer. The Oldham Coliseum Theatre is resilient, surviving 125 years and becoming one of the major Oldham landmarks – let’s make it another 125.