Fahim, Action Man

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Fahim is a pretty funny guy; I’ve been waiting a while to do his profile. You may remember that Fahim produced my favourite Genius Day presentation on wireless electricity and speech recognition in videos (such as for searching YouTube). Anyway, there’s a lot more to know about our newest Project Manager so let’s dig in.

Fahim Fahim has been working here for three months now making him one of the most recent additions to the Web Apps team to be singled out. When I talked to Fahim he was on the Red team with his own little separate group of Software Engineers (Kris and Safder). Now, a whopping four days later, things have changed massively (we really do love office reorganisation) and Fahim is part of a mega-team of three Project Managers and 6 Senior/Software Engineers.

So far Fahim’s transition into his role of Project Manager has been pretty smooth. His neighbouring Project Managers have given him a lot of support and guidance and have been excellent mentors. Fahim has gotten a lot of experience writing Specifications and Mini-Specifications. Kerry has been especially helpful with spec-writing and Cheryl with time management and scheduling. Cheryl is helping Fahim with Microsoft Project for scheduling – it is not used across the board at the moment but Fahim is confident in predicting that soon it will be fully adopted. Fahim is a pretty self-motivated guy and even managed to gain his PRINCE2 certification in his spare time.

I asked Fahim whether he had any specific favourites, things he especially liked/disliked, and I got some surprising answers. Fahim really likes chicken, and I mean to the point that if you ask him his favourite food, the answer is ‘anything with chicken.’  Fahim also hates cows (or maybe he really likes cows, which is why he won’t eat them) and doesn’t eat red meat at all.

Fahim offered the information that his favourite books were ‘Of Mice and Men’ and Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth.’ Both are outstanding books, one might even say classics! With those favourites known, it should be pointed out that these are probably the last two books that Fahim read…while in school…when he was about 13. What is shocking is that Fahim not only doesn’t read (I’ll admit some people don’t have that much time/don’t care to make the time) but he actively avoids reading. If he was on a long-haul flight, and his iPod/iPhone/iPad/computer ran out of power, and the in-flight entertainment system was down, and there was literally nothing else to do, he still wouldn’t want to read a book.  He would rather make friends with whomever was sitting nearby than crack open a book. While this speaks to Fahim’s friendliness and outgoing nature, I have never encountered someone so actively against the poor written word. While I cannot suggest that Fahim is illiterate, he may at this point be literacy-challenged (JUST KIDDING, there is plenty of evidence concerning Fahim’s ability to read and write).

Maybe the problem isn’t that Fahim doesn’t like to read, maybe he just doesn’t like being sedentary. That theory makes sense as Fahim doesn’t play any video games either. That’s right, none. He does however like his sports and is looking forward to a possible future 5-a-side football league within Web Applications as well as a Badminton squad. He doesn’t play squash so the current league is out but there are lots of other sports in the ocean to choose from.

At the end of the day we now know that Fahim likes chickens (to eat) and likes cows (to see alive in fields and occasionally wander into the road to block traffic).  We know Fahim likes books (to stay shiny and new…and untouched) and he likes a good cry (favourite movie is the Green Mile and his book choices weren’t exactly comedic).  But at the last we know that Fahim is outgoing and funny, adding a chuckle to Project Manager meetings for three months solid.