TTI Roundup, Yeehaw

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

On Tuesday, 21 September 2010 Web Applications UK went down to London for Travel Technology Initiative’s Autumn Conference, Travel Innovation Summit. Those close to us will know that innovation is at the heart of what we try to do here at Web Applications so it should come to no surprise that we not only participated in the event, but sponsored it and delivered the keynote speech.

The Travel Innovation Summit on September 21, 2010 included topics that ranged from Personalisation, Mobile innovation, Interface Innovation and Business Innovation. Craig’s presentation, ‘The Diving Force of Innovation’ called for the need of ‘continuous cultural change using innovation’ and declared that ‘growth and innovation are driven by people.’  The Travel Technology Initiative hosts two conferences and two forums a year and provides some of the best opportunities for members of the Travel Technology industry to meet and exchange ideas. Web Applications UK was honoured to play the important role of sponsor to this event showing our continued support to forums that foster an open exchange of ideas.

As the keynote speaker Craig gave the first presentation called ‘Innovation: The Driving Force.’ In his presentation he emphasised the importance of people within a business, a theme on which he focuses at home as well as abroad. He noted how people are ultimately the driving force behind innovation, if your business has great technology but no one knows how to use it, you aren’t going to improve your business – it is all about the people. Craig used several genial video clips to illustrate his point including a clip from Toy Story 1 (where Buzz arrives, Space Ranger) and a very special clip completely made in-house by Web Applications UK (you can watch it below) about when companies want to innovate so badly, they can miss the mark. The clip is, in a word, hilarious if I do say so myself. This short video also illustrates how technology has progressed to the point where a 3-minute cartoon can be put together in one afternoon, impressive since both Toy Story and the Lion King took four years. Admittedly those productions were somewhat more complicated. At the end of the presentation Craig nicely tied everything he said together into a single picture: the four foundations of innovation. No lasting innovation can be achieved without these four factors, Need, Cost, Benefit and People. Innovation must be driven by Need, it cannot be maintained outside the Cost/Benefit equation and it is always achieved by People. It was a rousing presentation ideally suited to get everyone into the swing of the conference and delivered without a hitch.

The next speaker was Louise Kendall from