Sing, Sing a Song

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

The African Children’s Choir stopped by our office to sing us a few songs from their vast repertoire on September 18. They came into our office on Saturday afternoon and sang a number of songs complete with dancing and accompanying drums which lasted about 20 minutes. We squashed our fears of causing massive sugar highs and provided the children (and audience) with a variety of cookies and cakes before taking them out bowling and to Pizza Hut. 

Web Applications has strong ties to the African Children’s Choir as our Chief Exec. Craig Dean spent many years as a Sound Engineer for the organisation.  The Choir’s performance celebrates a number of anniversaries. This past weekend we celebrated ten years of Web Applications UK, giants in the business of Travel Reservation Software. The Choir will also be celebrating another ten year anniversary…it was ten years ago that Craig joined the Choir as a Sound Technician.

The choir includes 23 children from Uganda and Kenya supervised by nine adult chaperones. The African Children’s Choir began about 25 years ago in order to help some of the most disadvantaged children in Uganda. The choir has expanded to also include Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Sudan and Nigeria. The African Children’s Choir’s parent organisation, Music For Life, currently sponsors 550 pupils at secondary schools in Uganda alone, a testament to their dedication to the local community.The choir will make a number of stops on their tour of the UK and you can find more information about the African Children’s Choir here.

The Children’s Choir has been on tour for over a year now as they spend a substantial amount of time in a number of countries. After their brief stop in Oldham the choir journeyed up north into Scotland for their next engagement in Edinburgh. The singing from the ACC was great and we have added a few clips for general consumption below. In addition to this the rest of the event is available on Web Applications’ YouTube page and a full playlist of their songs can be found here.