Murder Mystery Extravaganza

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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As many of you are aware, last Friday night was Web Applications UK’s 10 year anniversary celebration. In honour of this momentous event we decided to celebrate in style with a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. Instead of trying to put terse words to such a spectacular event, we shall journey through the night via pictorial representations.

In the beginning…everyone was introduced.  Each character was introduced, so with six tables there were six people who played each character.

We would like to introduce: Byron and Lacy


In Group 1 we have the Lord Byron Poncealots (Bootlegging Lord)

In Group 2 we have the Miss Lacy Sue Spencer (Hotelier is just the beginning)





Don't tune out, it's just the Toons/Owtagins


And in Groups 3 and 4 we have all of the

Melody Toons (Nightclub Songstress with some killer moves)


Hans Owtagins (Police Chief, is he on the take??)


Trollops love Diamonds, but shouldn't the Lady be with the Lord?


Next in line are none other than the…

Lady T Rollops (If she’s a lady she’s a lady of the night)


Diamond Malone (Night Club Owner)




Was Millie charming whilst Ucher was harming?


Finally we come to the:

Millicent Mc’Olly (Journalist/this is what happens when more men than women attend these things)


Brime Ucher (Doctor, but does he do more harm than good??)



I feel pretty, oh so pretty 

And some examples of some of the fun that was going around.

Steve gets some romancin’ and Cheryl does her best impression of demure (very well done).






here's lookin at you, kid




Some of the very convincing flapper/gangster get-ups that were on display throughout the night.









Some people though just liked to play with the toy guns.






At the end of the day this was a great success for Web Applications.  Everyone not only participated but got thoroughly into character to take full advantage of the night.  With an extremely high attendance rate (a huge percentage of the company participated) this was the ideal evening for a celebration of all that Web Applications has accomplished as a team over the last 10 years.  Thank you everyone who made it possible.

Oh and one more thing, we have an accompanying comic!  Please enjoy (NB it may be necessary to zoom-in to read the writing depending on eye sight)