Web Apps grins from ear to ear

Well, we must say, you shouldn’t have Oldham Evening Chronicle, we are truly flattered. Just in case you live outside of the Oldham Chronicle realm of circulation, we are featured in their September 15 Edition’s Business Section. Oh yes, it is a great day for Web Applications, our article is called ‘Web kings weave their magic spell’ and we are loving it.

Oh yes, the Oldham Evening Chronicle announced some great news for Web Applications UK (you’ll find it on page 12, the Business Section, also you can read it online here.) The Chronicle’s Martyn Torr takes a look at Web Applications’ recent achievements including our burgeoning workforce and a series of recent contracts cementing our place as ‘Web Kings’.

The article acknowledges that this is Web Applications’ 10 year anniversary (of which we are extremely proud) and adds a sly mention of our upcoming Murder Mystery Dinner Party. The focus of the article rarely strays from the company’s increasingly strong position in the Travel Technology industry, alluding to three recent contracts that are each highly significant. The National Trust system is one that we are especially looking forward to getting our hands on as it is such a household name.

As CE Craig Dean says in the article, these are exciting times for us at Web Applications, exciting and busy times. We have been working non-stop to make this ten year anniversary something truly special as it corresponds beautifully with a strong year (and decade!) of growth and stability. I’ve attached the article below for you to read for yourselves; don’t forget to visit the Oldham Evening Chronicle source page.  Please excuse the grainy image