Let the Game…Continue

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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In case you haven’t heard, Web Applications has a long history of highly competitive people. People like this require games to prove themselves, and Web Applications enjoys providing these games in a friendly and fun fashion – office tournaments. The last tournament was a medley of games from Wii Sports Resort, won by Robin. We have moved on now and started a new tournament which will last a while longer, taking us up to a trophy presentation at the Christmas Party. Said game? Guitar Hero.

For some of us Guitar Hero is a baffling game requiring intense hand-eye coordination and an incomprehensible ability to somehow *predict* what’s coming up next. For others it’s a walk in a park. Due to a wide variance in skills, we have created groups based on ability and familiarity, Easy, Medium and Hard. Don’t worry, we’re going to break down the numbers in a minute.