Web Applications’ gets its very first Data Centre

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

What is a Data Centre?

Our new Data Centre is an off-site location used to store Web Applications’ data. By “Web Applications’ data” we mean our customers’ data. Really the data centre is a co-location site so that we can have servers in another building (and in another area) guarding against the possibility of a freak accident completely destroying our office; in which case all the data, yours, mine and ours, will be just fine.

This new building has multiple redundancies, in other words, many fail-safes. The power can go off, the broadband can go down and still, the building is equipped so that everything will be fine, the back-up generators can last on diesel for a week and the broadband can switch links and IP addresses and everything so that there is nothing to worry about. Also, the building site has 24-hour security access. It’s so secure, they won’t even tell me where it is.

Why did we invest in a data centre? And – why now?

Previously, Web Applications didn’t host enough data to warrant our own Data Centre. Our on-site back-up facilities were more than capable of handling all of our data. Things have been changing recently as Web Applications continues to grow and expand our services, we are filling up our office building with data and now we need (and have found) more space.  We invested in a Data Centre because it is good for our customers and good for us.  More explanation follows.

What does this mean for our customers?

It means extra protection against data-loss, and it means the opportunity to have Web Applications handle all of your business’ data needs. With our new data centre we have much more freedom and flexibility to host data, and so can centralise companies’ data needs. Instead of making multiple calls, one to a data hosting company, one to an I.T. Support provider etc., you can make just one with Web Applications as your I.T. Solutions provider and Data Hosting supplier. This way, it’s easier for our customers to get results and it is easier for Web Applications to provide end-to-end I.T. Support. A victory for everyone.

NB – the picture displayed is not a physical representation of our data centre, but merely a data centre.  My fumbling hands and feet are not allowed anywhere near the servers, which makes taking pictures a physical impossibility.