Genius Day has come and gone but ideas are friends for life

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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On Friday, July 16 Web Applications held its first annual Genius Day. This event was to be made annual judging from its reception this year, but it was an all-out success. Twenty five members of staff participated in the competition, each one coming up with an original idea. The ideas represented a myriad of issues from streamlining issue tracker and Babel releases to an iPhone application and comic strips. Everything was covered and the amount of time and effort that went into each presentation was extremely impressive.

Genius Day was a competition of sorts (the judging criterion is a bit murky) but after all was said and done the best presentations appeared to be decided by the level of passion, creativity, and usefulness for Web Applications. On Monday, July 19 each individual or team had between two and five minutes to present their work, and the winners were announced directly after all the presentations were complete.

Denva TypefaceFour individuals received an Honourable Mention:

John P: Denva – Display Typeface  
Claire: No One Like Conflict: Release Procedures
Steve M: PHP Babel Helper
Rashid: SQL Reports Deployment (Programmatically)

And now the winners:

1st Place: Louise, Andrew and Cheryl: Jami Dodger, a Traffic Application
2nd Place: Kris and Kerry: Three Topics, Babel Log, Testing Document, Panel Comics
3rd Place: Steve E: MEF – Managed Extensibility Framework

We would like to congratulate the winners and say thank you to everyone who participated and to those who covered the phones during the presentations, these events would not be possible without your sacrifices. And now, start brainstorming for next year!


I forgot to add that Chris H received an honourable mention as well for his presentation on SVN Commits Logger using jQuery/AJAX.  I apologise for any distress caused by this omission.