Web Applications UK Eats Milestones for Breakfast, oh and Happy Anniversary

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Saturday (July 10) was the anniversary of our move into Windsor Works, and anniversaries usually feel like a good time to take a solid look back at what has been accomplished in the past year.  One year ago the company outgrew Hollinwood Business Centre both physically and culturally. Web Applications wanted its premises to be somewhere that reflected its true personality, not a generic (though very respectable) corporate centre. After a great deal of research, we found Windsor Works, a converted mill by the Mumps Roundabout in Oldham, it needed work, but it felt right. Web Applications fitted out the office in Windsor Works with bespoke furniture and tailored the space to fit our needs and provide extensibility and flexibility for change. The open plan office area fosters communication and socialisation between colleagues whilst retaining areas for meetings and plenty of storage. The Oldham Evening Chronicle has written a couple of articles describing the building and the degree to which it positively impacts the local community.

Windsor Works Web Applications is soon to celebrate its ten year anniversary, and like a ten year old it cannot sit still.  What is meant by that is that Web Applications is changing, it changes every day, we are constantly moving forward (in a cohesive way) to meet our goals and challenge ourselves. Being too stable or static would mean we stopped moving, and started being afraid to make mistakes. This company is ten years old this year and still possesses all the precocity and all the impudence of a new-born, valuing ingenuity, daring and instinct. Web Applications is capable, confident and competent, but we still can’t sit still.

Recently we have indulged in one of our MD Craig Dean’s favourite pastimes, office re-organisation. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Web Applications has been recruiting heavily in recent weeks, a stint which has only very lately come to a close. We have had six new full-time hires begin working in the past three weeks in addition to two new summer interns, and expect one more to begin soon. To accommodate our growing numbers the office was re-organised, desks were moved, teams were broken up and reformed and our world as we knew it ended…for the second time in three months. This is definitely a more substantial re-organisation than previously witnessed, generally people move but desks don’t, this time we had to find space for a number of new workstations. The office looks a little different.

The growth at Web Applications is good but palpable. There is an obvious influx of full-time employees accentuated by interns and work experience students who happened to start at the same time. In another week or two they will all be old hands, complaining about the Web Applications shirts or the chairs in the kitchen as their ‘rite de passage’. In addition to the increase in numbers, the business has also seen some exciting additions. Br-ease is taking its first breaths of life, Babel is holding its own and Mercury has reached the surface, and that is just in our Travel Division. All these products and projects have really come to life in the past twelve months. The UGS clips are a good place to hear about what we have been working on across the company in more depth.

Web Applications continues to strive for excellence and grow our tight-knit community. This year has been an exciting year for us, but, like every year, next year will be even better. Thank you to all our customers and partners for making this a banner year for us. Happy Anniversary Windsor Works!