Show Me The Genius

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Well, as I’m sure anyone who is reading this is going to be aware, we like to do things differently at Web Applications UK. This Friday is our Genius Day. What is Genius Day? Wouldn’t you like to know…actually I’d like to know too.

Einstein? No thanks, I'll take 2.This is our first Genius Day, and assuming it’s as big a success as everyone who counts thinks it’s going to be, it will continue on as an annual event. Genius Day is going to be the best day of the year, and the best day of our lives. It will be hugely important. It will change the way everyone does everything. Did I say it was this Friday? Right, stalling time is over and now to let you know what I actually know about Genius Day, which might not amount to much.

Genius Day is the one day of the year where Web Applications staff get the opportunity to spend the day being creative and showing off their skills. We can use the day however we like and pretty much do whatever we like (except stay home), with the caveat that our work is presented on Monday to everyone else. It’s good to keep that in mind, especially if you’re planning on napping. It’s the perfect time to show off a bit of code, try to learn something new, or do something a little but outlandish without being afraid of failing or backlash.

For many of us Genius Day will be work-related, it’s an ideal moment to finish some niggling task that has slipped off the agenda for far too long. For a few of us though, our project will probably be completely unrelated and, knowing Web Applications staff, somewhat outlandish. I have it on less than perfect information that people are going *all out*, personally I can’t wait to see what people come up with. I hope it requires a trip off-campus – I like field trips.

What is sometimes lost in translation between the tech industry and the rest of the world is that developers (and others in the IT sector) are naturally very creative. You should hear some of our excuses “Two weeks is such a vague time scale, so I interpreted it as two months.” Genius Day is essentially an ‘idea’ day, Google does them from time to time; what more proof do we need that it’s a good plan?  For the nervous Nellys of the world, calm down, we will still be answering the phone.

And so it was decreed that on Friday, July 16, 2010, Web Applications would host an office-wide day of genius – that unorthodox projects would be adopted and random acts of brilliance encouraged. Everything in history suggests that this is great use of our time because who knows what amazing idea will come of it. For those in the office who say they think best lying down or in the shower this is what I have to say to you: there is a shower in the Men’s Room (one at a time please) and plenty of floor space to spread out, you are welcome to bring your own pillow. Personally, I can’t wait to show everyone my genius idea…just as soon as I think of one.