Kerry is a Secret Lawyer

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Let’s get everything out in the open. Kerry is a lawyer.  Yeah, yeah, she’s a Project Manager now, but I personally believe once a lawyer always a lawyer.  You will have to excuse the occasional lawyer joke in this post that might not have anything to do with the topic.

To be fair, hitherto and henceforth (though not heretofore) Kerry assents to the assertion that she does not engage in the practice of, adherence to, or aggregate more knowledge of, law, and has not actively engaged in the practice of law from the time of her completion of her Masters which shall henceforth be deemed ‘MA’ in the field of I.T.  Enough of that I don’t have the legalese to keep it going anymore.  Kerry realised at some point (obviously after her degree) that she did not in fact want to become a solicitor.  Unfortunately for Kerry, she came to this understanding too late for me to hold back my abuse.  Sorry Kerry, innocent until proven broke.