Newsflash: Soldiers work with Guns. It’s not what you think. Promise.

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

A number of weeks ago now Web Applications UK had some very special visitors. We try to tell everyone we’re a pretty cool place, as a tech company the odds of that are sadly stacked against us, but we really are down with the kids, honest! To prove our nascent hipness we’ve decided to let you in on a little secret. We’re so awesome übercool bands film their music videos in our office. Okay, it was just one, but still – pretty awesome. It’s okay to be jealous now.

On June 4th, after most of our staff left and went home for the night, our office was invaded by a group of people with pale skin, dark hair and lots of eyeliner, and those were just the technicians. Really though, Sitcom Soldiers are the production team who were responsible for making the music video (I’ll get to the band later) and were all at least mildly respectable looking and very polite. Sitcom Soldiers was founded about six years ago; since then it has undergone many changes and adaptations. The result is a core six-member group who have been operating as a collective for the past three years. As far as I can tell this ‘collective’ is fluidic, incorporating more or fewer members to accommodate any given job or circumstance. I had the opportunity to quickly meet a few members: Bez, Ben, Dave, Mitch and Malc. According to Bez, the group films about two videos a week and has 600-700 videos to its name. They are a committed production team, and, according to Dave, ‘We live for this!’

Sitcom Soldiers have dabbled in other forms of new media in the past but are now fully focused on making videos. Music Videos are an important part of getting an artist exposure. Given the vast amount of social networking sites and music sharing platforms (e.g., YouTube) you do not have to be a huge artist to need a video, and even up and coming bands can have massive hits. Videos also give bands a chance to musically AND visually express themselves. It’s a win-win situation. Now, we know Sitcom Soldiers were here filming on Web Applications’ premises, should we find out whom they were filming? I’m sure they were just a couple of young guns…badum ching!

Yes that’s right, Young Guns were here! Nominated for Best New British Band in Kerrang! Magazine in 2009 this is one very exciting new arrival from Buckinghamshire. This is not the first time Young Guns have worked with Sitcom Soldiers, in fact it is the third. Sitcom Soldiers have shot two other videos for the Young Guns in addition to their latest video ‘Crystal Clear’ from their debut album, All Our Kings Are Dead. The narrative of this video is divided trichotomously, each storyline featuring a person who breaks out of a monotonous existence to follow a dream. One of those storylines was filmed at here at Web Apps, all three are meticulously weaved together and then come together at the end. It takes a keen imagination to make Web Apps the scene of corporate chains and misery but hey, artistic licence had to be used somewhere. All in all we expect avid viewers to be able to see about 30 seconds of Web Applications real estate. As the French say, ‘C’est Supercool!’ or, as Webbies say, ‘Is that my desk?’

As I hope all of you are already aware the video is up and running on YouTube and can be found here. The crew filmed for a couple hours which, like I said, resulted in 25-30 seconds of the film. I tallied up the number of times our office is shown (being hip doesn’t mean we can’t be obsessive as well) and we appear 14 times throughout the video, with segments lasting between one and five seconds. Whilst watching the video we hope you noticed that we are the opening scene. Behind the scenes pictures are available at where you can find a couple of Young Guns around our office (ahh that joke doesn’t get old). First GMTV, now the Young Guns, who knew we were such hot property? Check out the video below.

I couldn’t resist making one of these for Web Applications UK.

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