Wii Sport Tournament: Winner Announced!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

22 Competitors. 4 Rounds. 1 Winner.

Wii Sport Tournament

Once again Web Applications UK held its office tournament and this year’s game was Wii Sport Resort. The purpose of the set-up of this tournament is to incorporate as many games as possible to reward the all-rounder, those players who are very good at a variety of games. Each full round will feature a different game, for example round .5 will be Wii Golf, Round 1 Wii Bowling, Round 2 Wii Table Tennis and so on. The .5 round was created to accommodate the uneven number of players in the tournament; the player with the lowest accumulated swings for Wii Golf will advance into the full tournament. Those playing in the .5 round were chosen at random. Due to a very busy schedule the games have been spaced out quite far but we’re doing our best. The games started on March first, and the final game was June 29th, so it lasted less than four months! Let’s get right to the results:

Round .5

The office Wii Sport Resort Tournament kicked off with a bang and a massive upset. First to play were Mark and Shui in the 3-hole Golf round. Shui, last year’s tournament winner was slated to gain an easy victory, but a gap in his Wii knowledge led to a very disappointing score of 21 on the par 12 course. Mark, equally unfamiliar with the game, racked up an easy victory scoring two under par with a final tally of 10. Mark has moved onto the next round, and with a shocking turnaround, Shui is out! Next in line, Mark will play Bob, a formidable opponent.

Next in line were Darren and Naomi. I was unable to witness the proceedings of this game, but have been reliably informed that the end score left Naomi 8 over par and Darren a comfortable 3 over par. Darren proceeds to the next round but will need to improve his game if he wishes to go any further. For his next round, Darren will play newcomer John.

Nick and Kerry had the closest game of all so far. After the first two holes the scores were tied, both one under par. Nick and Kerry played very well, and brought entirely different skill sets to the match. Whilst Nick was not an avid gamer, he was a very experienced golfer. Wii Golf is intended to mimic the movement and stances of real golf, so with minimal practice Nick was able to do quite well. Conversely Kerry is an excellent Wii competitor, and golf is one of her many strengths. It was the par 5 third hole that held the deciding shots. Kerry’s second shot left her in the bunker, but Nick was having trouble controlling his distance. A struggle ensued, but Kerry managed to pull out another birdie to grasp the final victory. Nick ended up with a bogey, leaving him at par for the three holes, with Kerry at two under. Kerry’s next victim, I mean opponent, will be Steve.

Vivienne had a stormer of a round against Alistair; she played consistently well, managing a respectable par for each hole. Alistair took some time to get his legs, though performing consistently better as the game went on. Unfortunately for Alistair, it was too little too late as his par on hole 3 was not enough to conquer Vivienne and he lost with 6 shots over par to Vivienne’s perfect par. If only Alistair had been able to avoid the drink on his first shot of the game, the outlook from the start might have been a bit sunnier. As it was, he spent the entire game trying to catch up, but there was just too much to do in too little time. His unfamiliarity with the game cost him the tournament. Vivienne moves on to the next round to play Kris.

Next up, Melanie (yours truly) played Richard. For many reasons this was a bit of a throwaway round, neither Richard nor I really knew what we were doing, but we muddled ahead none the less. While I’m having trouble remembering what the actual end score was, I do know that we were both over par by varying degrees BUT none of that matters because I managed to win. This is good for one reason. The longer I’m in the tournament the more interested I remain, which means you might actually find out who wins. All in all the score went something like 2 over par against 5 over par, just to give a general idea. I will now battle ahead to take on Rob in what I’m sure will be my final stand. Who knows, this tournament is truly anybody’s game.

This ends the opening round; the five winners will progress into the full tournament as well as the other three pairings who did not play in Round .5, totalling eight projected match-ups for Round 1. Next round: Bowling.

Tournament Round 1: Wii Bowling








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End of round synopsis? Jeff and Claire had the closest match, averaging only 15 pins difference between them per match. Mark had the biggest turnaround against Bob, losing by 30 in the first match, to winning by an average 50 pins in the next two rounds. Bob was expected to do quite well so this early exit is a bit shocking. Andrew and John had the highest strike to split ratio (for every strike Andrew got, John got a split). Steve wins the give-up award for quitting after losing his first round, which coincidentally, was a very close match with Kerry. Darren and John had by far the slowest game even though it only lasted two rounds. Kris and Vivienne’s game began very slowly as well but managed to pick up some speed as it progressed. In Rob L’s and my game, Rob takes the prize for most consecutive spares, almost never leaving a pin standing at the end of his turn. Cheryl and Robin had the closest round, with one finishing 174 to 173. Finally, Kerry (who agreed to play again in a match against late addition Chris) had the biggest difference in scores with the opening round of 244 to 93, and, Kerry had the highest average score in this round of the tournament, averaging 193.

Those are the results for the full Round 1, these are the match-ups for Round 2:

Tournament Round 2: Table Tennis

I said when I got knocked out I’d stop caring, and well, it happened. The table tennis round consisted of 4 matchups,

Kris vs. Jeff,     Mark vs. Darren,     Andrew vs. Robin,      Rob vs. Kerry

Each group played 2 games of table tennis and we operated on a first to 11 basis. Due to a shortage of meeting room availability, it behoved me to make the rounds a bit shorter, so players did not play the usual ‘best of three’. Seeing as the scores are rather uniform (wins with 11, wins with 11), I’ll just let you know who won. Kris defeated Jeff, Darren beat Mark, Andrew succumbed to Robin, and Kerry lost to Rob. Next round will be basketball.

Tournament Round 3: Basketball

Basketball was my favourite round. While it may have required less skill, basketball definitely needs some finesse, and the way this basketball round was conducted, a certain amount of endurance was needed. This round required three full games, but it was not best of three, the score was cumulative.

First up: Kris vs. Darren

Darren dominated the first round scoring 19 compared to Kris’ 13. Kris was a quick learner though and leapfrogged Darren scoring 20 and 23 the next two rounds to Darren’s static 16. All in all Kris scored 56 compared to Darren’s 51 in a very exciting match-up.

Last up: Rob vs. Robin

Rob L. was expected to win against Robin but fate had a different idea. Rob struggled to get the hang of basketball and trailed in all three rounds while Robin steadily improved. At the end of the day Rob managed to accumulate 26 points as Robin blew past with 52. Next round will be the last with Swordplay.

Final Round: Swordplay

It is Kris verses Robin in this final round of Wii Sports Resort. Kris and Robin played each other in a practice round and then got stuck in. At the first go Robin comes out of the gate with his sword blazing and knocks Kris off the edge for a quick early lead. Kris battles back in Round 2 and slowly but surely hits an equaliser point. Finally, in what was something of an anti-climax, Robin quickly knocks Kris out in a final round that lasted all of 5 minutes. Robin is the winner!

Shui, last year’s tournament winner, hands over the trophy to Robin to proudly display on his desk until a new winner emerges. A big thank you goes out to all of our participants, it was great to have so many people sign up to play and I hope the same spirit continues onto the next game.

Robin is victoriousKris is defeatedShui hands trophy to Robin