For the Win: Inter Web F. C.

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Inter Web F. C. had a tough battle on Sunday. Great Rocks were the previous champions of the Les Pountley Cup and had been at the top of the League table for the majority of the season. With hopes high and determination set Inter Web dominated the match with a resounding 5 – 1 victory.


Sound the Horn!!! Pre-match expectations are sky-high.


It doesn’t appear to be a very high speed match…everyone appears to be standing still.


Oh! Look at that, movement!

King of the Pitch

Darren obviously has no idea his picture is being taken, that’s his natural stance.

Where is the Cup?

Good game everyone, come in for an orange slice.

Oh - There It Is

No one is ever letting Darren hold the cup again.

To find out more information visit the Buxton Taverners’ League Website.