Steve br-eases past the finish line

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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On Sunday Steve ran 10k to support charity and on Monday he managed to catch enough breath to talk for 45 minutes on Br-ease.

That’s right, our very own Steve Elliott managed to complete his mini marathon in ten minutes faster than he had hoped and anticipated. As previously stated, Steve participated in Bupa’s Great Manchester Run on Sunday, May 16, in support of the Children’s Burn Foundation. We’re very proud of Steve and this particular achievement. Not only that, but through his and Claire’s fundraising, they managed to raise their target amount of money which will fully cover a week of camp in the Lake District for one special child.

On a side note, Steve enjoyed this run so much that he might do more of them! There is another 10k run coming up in Leeds this July which Steve is considering running as well. Looks like Steve caught the Run bug.