Darren’s Going For The Les Cup

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Web Applications’ Darren Mitchinson will be going to the Buxton Cup Final this Sunday in a bid to win the Championship with his team, Inter Web.

 Real Queen kitDarren, formerly a Real Queen (see picture) is a key member of the team Inter Web, sponsored by Web Applications UK. This is Inter Web’s first year in the tournament and we are very proud of how well the team has performed. The Buxton League finished with Inter Web in third place, and now the top four teams will grapple to see who will ultimately come out on top for the Les Pountley Cup. So far they have won their first game 3-0 against Kinder Lodge which leaves them against Great Rocks for the final match.

Inter Web has not had the smoothest ascent into this final. The team had a promising start but saw injuries derail the team’s hopes at an early stage around Christmas. Rallying together the team has seen a massive comeback to finish their year as a strong contender for ultimate glory. Darren, Inter Web’s star midfielder, has managed to avoid any more own goals giving his team a chance at victory and is hoping to finish his year in style. Considering their Goal Difference at the end of the league was -6, it’s pretty amazing they’re in the final at all.Inter Web F. C.

The Buxton Taverners’ League is divided into divisions one and two, though division one seems to have a delusion of grandeur and calls itself the Premier League. Which is odd, I thought there was already a premier league out there somewhere…I guess it must be Chelsea and Tottenham who are just pretending. Yes, Web Application’s Darren is a Premier League footballer, words I’m sure he’ll cherish for years to come.

Great Rocks are the current holders of the cup and have been the team to beat throughout the season. This is no longer just a contest of skill and perseverance, there are some pretty big egos on the line. The final will be played at the Silverlands Stadium in Buxton and Kick-off is at 2pm this upcoming Sunday May 16. We have it on a less than reliable source that tickets cost £2 payable to Darren on the pitch (in reality tickets don’t even exist, just show up to the stadium and find a seat – it’s free). Silverlands Stadium reportedly can hold up to 5000 supporters, personally I fear this might not be enough space for the Inter Web fanatics whom I’m sure will be lining up in droves to watch this historic game, but the organisers seem confident that this will be enough space so I suppose I’ll have to leave it to their better judgment. 

Good luck Darren and all the members of Inter Web F. C.