Two New Differences in the Upcoming Website Redesign

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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There are two significant changes that will be taking place in the forthcoming redesign of the Web Applications UK Website which are near and dear to my heart. These changes are the subject of much office discussion – and just because I’m talking to myself, don’t assume it’s not a conversation worth having. For one, pictures of current Web Applications employees will grace many of the pages. The second? The death of the interactive user surveys.

Whilst we are sure everyone would love having our smiling faces at the top of various Web Applications’ webpages, that’s not quite the way it’s going to play out. There will be some general office photos featured in the pages’ top panels which will be taken on premises and with Web Applications’ staff, but these photos are not expected to include any close-ups of our faces (collective sigh of relief). However! There will be a smattering of our lovely smiling faces (with name, rank and serial number) on an assortment of pages throughout the website. It will be great to have that extra connection with our partners and customers so that they can put faces to names, and know exactly who we are as a company. It can be difficult finding ways to personalise the tech industry sometimes, but we’re certainly making a go of it and doing all we can.

It’s not really the addition of the pictures that has piqued my interest – it’s the imminent death of our polls (well…poll). Any situation where our customers get to directly interact with us is a good thing, and surveys are a great way for you to tell us what you want, what your company is like, etc. Now, I understand that our current survey situation is in need of updating, but what better time to enact change than during the redesign of the Website! Now, perhaps I’ve been remiss in my duties in regards to the current poll, but I feel it’s my obligation to inform our valued readers that the survey is in danger of not finding a place in the redesigned website. There is a general consensus that the polls are widely, well, ignored. I’ve seen the numbers, and while the nays have a case, this doesn’t have to be the end. I know the poor survey section has been neglected, but it shouldn’t have to die.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Web Applications community, only you can save the survey. Participate in the survey below to show your support, if there aren’t enough ‘Yes’ votes then we’ll let the survey silently slip away to a better place, where it can sleep peacefully forever. If lots of people click ‘no’ I’ll count it as a strike against the survey while basking in the irony of your participation. If you do end up with a reignited faith in the value of the poll (and my ability to maintain it) then I will diligently campaign for it to be included in the new website redesign. So, do you think the polls are worthwhile? You decide.