Nick Drives, Serves and Slices

Nick is one of the new recruits at Web Applications and the first recent addition to be profiled. As our Sales Manager Nick is our designated ‘people person’ and we love him dearly for it. Nick has two jobs really, one is Sales Manager, and the other is battling the sands of time. At both he is remarkably successful.

Nick started working at Web Applications in the middle of January, straight off the back of a holiday in Thailand to visit his son on a world trip. As our Sales Manager his main responsibilities consist
of seeking out new opportunities and processing which opportunities are viable and which are less feasible. Aside from that he spends a lot of his time going to conferences, promoting the company, making company brochures: such as a corporate brochure and specific product brochures, and exercising, lots of exercising.

Though Nick has been in Sales since he left University (sometime in the 70s I suspect) where he received a degree in Finance, and is relatively new to the Travel industry. “New” is a relative term, to me a decade sounds like a long time, to Nick it probably doesn’t seem quite as long. One of the things Nick has noticed about Travel is that it’s an interesting industry, and once you’re in, you’ll never leave it. Wise words from a well travelled man.

Nick has found his new home at Web Applications a bit strange, in a good way I think. I don’t think we are quite what he expected. Web Applications prides itself on its technical knowledge and expertise. Somehow when joining the technology provider, Nick didn’t expect everyone to be quite so geeky. It’s not you, Nick, they only start talking about Battlestar Galactica when they see you coming.

I said Nick exercised a lot, well, it’s kind of impossible to talk about Nick without mentioning sports. I guess when you’re addicted to sports; you get into a routine where you’ll do almost anything to get the full experience. This includes occasionally driving from Manchester down to Plymouth to watch Plymouth Argyll matches; that ladies and gentlemen is a 600 mile round trip. It is also what I call dedication.

Nick is a bit of an Athletics freak, though it’s more than watching sport, he actively participates almost every day. Rarely does a day go by that he doesn’t go to the gym. He plays football twice a week, he plays tennis, golf and is currently pre-emptively listed at the top of the upcoming company Squash league. It seems he has the corner on ‘gentlemen’s sports’. This is all quite impressive for a man who saw the Sex Pistols live in concert…in 1978.

Nick gives the impression that he enjoys the finer things in life, as well as some things that are decidedly less refined, like James (I’m talking about the band). Nick recently purchased tickets to go see James in concert when they come to Manchester in December. When I say recently I mean it. According to the James Website, those tickets only went on sale this morning. I am beginning to see that Nick does nothing by halves.

There’s a list Nick has compiled of 50 things to do before he dies. His top thing to do is Kylie Minogue. I haven’t a clue as to what else is on the list; I thought it best to nip that line of conversation in the bud. Also, in line with the finer things in life, Nick likes his fashions. This is a shame since we have Web Applications uniform shirts. Looking at the bright side, it’s very easy to accessorise with black.