Acumen 9 Users Get New Enhancements

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

There have been a number of enhancements made to the Acumen 9 system which were released this past week. These enhancements can be found in a range of additional features throughout the system, from general enhancements to Booking Details Screen, Customer Details Screen, Unit Details Screen, Owner Details and Availability. When all the new enhancements were added-up there were just too many to go into detail, so please excuse the abridged version.

Some of the General enhancements for Acumen 9 include making the display of the background image and background logo on the main screen user-configurable (are able to be turned on or off), adding new user configuration options like ‘Cancel Brochure Requests for New Bookings’ and ‘Prompt for Bed Make-Up When Booking’ and little things, like making it so the system will offset screens to ensure one screen does not completely hide another.

The Booking Details Screen has been given a load of additional functionality. Some of the new enhancements include newly displayed buttons, for instance shortcuts that were previously only available through F-Key assignments, or a ‘Modify Deposit Info’ button which users can click to edit deposit information for the booking. The system will also now warn users when transferring bookings from a unit that allows pets to one that doesn’t. In addition to this, the booking screen has been given the added functionality of an auto-centre feature which allows users to configure the form to be automatically centred in the main form when initially displayed. This last feature is available through the right-click form menu.

The Customer Details Screen has added a couple things that are sure to make life easier for the user. First off, the system will now allow searching for customers by their email address and postcodes can be resolved on demand. The system will now ignore ‘Mc’ and ‘Mac’ in customer surnames when generating new customer references. And, like with the Booking Details Screen, the Customer Details Screen can also be configured to be automatically centred when initially displayed.

The Owner Details Screen has been revised to make owner data more readily accessible through the page frame tabs, and has been enhanced with the same auto-centre feature as the Booking Details Screen and Customer Details Screen. The Unit Details Screen has been given the same added accessibility.

Lastly, Availability – the system now mitigates the impact of extraneous TAB characters when performing a standard availability search and accepts the ‘PgDn’ key as a shortcut to immediately execute the availability search from any availability input text box.

In addition to all of these new enhancements, several other little changes have been made to improve the entire Acumen 9 user experience. Web Applications UK works towards the continual improvement of all of our products and offerings, as always we take pride in putting our customers first.