Shaun the Sheep is no Relation

Once Shaun starts talking, it really doesn’t stop.

Shaun is a Senior Engineer here at Web Applications. He has been with the company since May 2006, which puts him at nearly four years. As a Senior Engineer he spends the vast majority of his time on new and bespoke developments, working with most of Web Applications’ various products and offerings. I wonder sometimes what the difference is between a senior engineer and software engineer, so I asked Shaun. His answer? Senior engineers are harder. Awesome, that’s all cleared up for me. But really, senior engineers look after the software engineers, they check their work, make sure they’re doing okay, and get final say on technical issues. If the senior engineer isn’t happy with something, it’s not getting released. The relationship between a software and senior engineer is a beautiful thing, full of encouragement and gentle correction, steering the software engineer towards professional improvement. Shaun’s on