Web Applications UK: We’re FAMOUS

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

It’s 6 am. Normally at this time I would be fast asleep but today I’ve already been in the office for twenty minutes. Why? The #^@* election.  UPDATE we’ve added the video.

The whole crew, look at him holding the cameraElection time for me is always a strange mix of  excitement with a healthy dose of mild dissatisfaction, but today things got a lot more personal. Web Applications was the backdrop for a GMTV segment on Nick Clegg visiting Oldham and his message to ‘real people’. Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, announces his party’s Manifesto in London at 9:30 this morning, then hops on a plane and re-delivers his plans at the local Asda to talk about his proposed benefits to ‘real people’. While I’m a conscientious objector to the term ‘real people’ (implying what? Some people aren’t real?) I can’t fault Mr. Clegg for it, he certainly didn’t coin the phrase and it’s hardly a distinguishing feature between the major parties, so I’ll cut him a little slack – it is election time after all. I do have to give it to you Mr. Clegg, my morning just got massively more interesting.

The crew of GMTV are very nice and polite and somehow in my early morning coma I’ve managed to rustle up a slew of teas and coffees to accommodate our guests. The best part of the morning is the attempt to genuinely look busy while entranced with the broadcast. The crew has been filming 15 second clips every half hour to an hour, providing great entertainment for those of us who made it into the shot duStill holding the camera, quick! blur out the windows!ring the roulette of the camera angle. Camera shy in the extreme, until the crew leaves I think I’m going to remain pretty high strung.

It was a good morning for Web Applications. Richard Gaisford described us as an ‘IT company that’s going places’. Thank you Mr. Gaisford, yes we are. The morning ran smoothly though it was not without a few little hiccups, there was a soon to be infamous predicament concerning our windows. Okay look, our windows are scheduled to be cleaned next week, half of the office windows (the prominent half) face the road, and it’s windy and dusty outside. Unfortunately we didn’t have quite enough warning to pre-empt a window cleaning before the crew arrived this morning and so our windows were (admittedly) mildly smudged. We’re sorry, okay? Our poor windows may have become the joke of the day, but by golly they do their best.

Camera still in the air!More on the topic of the program, GMTV saw fit to film the segment in our humble abode because we were the type of people who might be positively affected by some of the plans that Nick Clegg is going to announce concerning child care, taxes and the like. It seems the Oldham seat is hotly contested. Apparently, Web Applications employees are ‘real people’ (cue look of joy from Pinocchio). Semantics aside a little spark of pride is ignited in my heart that our humble Oldham area was chosen as the location the Lib Dems’ have chosen to test out their Manifesto.

We have done our best to digitally document our morning, as you can see. We were very impressed with the friendliness of the crew and with Richard Gaisford, GMTV’s Chief Correspondent. Taking a look at the size of their camera, I’m equally impressed with the cameraman’s fortitude.

Despite our beleaguered windows the morning was a complete success. Web Applications always enjoys playing host and we dearly hope our guests felt welcome, hopefully the copious amounts of coffee and bacon butties helped. Really we had a wonderful morning and now, it’s 9:30 and the crew are gone, I think I miss them a little already.