AcuWeb Enhancements in Development

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god

Today I was given the opportunity to witness a victory for the forums. AcuWeb will be experiencing some enhancements soon; these are improvements that AcuWeb customers were able to choose. This current round of developments was brought about through a combination of forum wish-lists, customer feedback and functionality responses to AcuWeb. Web Applications compiled the data, looked at the results, and started working.

There will be six distinct enhancements that are in the works, they are still in the development phase but we expect them to go Live in early March.

Enhancement 1: Added Option for Displayed Price

This is a new AcuWeb configuration option allowing the displayed price to exclude compulsory extras. The option to include/exclude the compulsory extras will be added to the Global Options section. If this option is checked then the Search Results will display the price of the unit excluding any compulsory add-ons. If the option is unchecked then the Search Results will display the price including the necessary extras. Check or leave unchecked, the enhancement lies in the choice.

Enhancement 2: Book a Holiday, Leave Today!

Currently the AcuWeb configuration requires a Lead-time of at least one. This means that holidays may be booked for the next day or later, but cannot be booked to begin on the day the booking is made. An amendment is in the works that will be made to support a Lead-time of zero which will translate into permission for online bookings to be made for holidays starting ‘today’.

Enhancement 3: Colour-Coded Calendar

There is a new calendar on its way that is going to make booking specific properties much more attractive and simple. The colour-coded calendar enables users to see when a property is booked and when it is available. Three variances in the colour-coded calendar are planned. If a valid start date is chosen and the property is available, those calendar dates will have a green background with bold numbers. If an invalid start date is chosen, but the property is in fact available, the dates will have a green background but the numbers will not be in bold. If, for the dates chosen, the property is booked or unavailable then the background colours will be red and the dates will not be in bold.

Enhancement 4: New Email Confirmation Templates

Web Applications UK is working to increase the number of options for email confirmation templates from one to four, with two options for emails sent to the customer and two options for emails to be sent to the office. This template will be enhanced to allow for four separate and distinct confirmation emails. One email template can be sent to the customer if the payment is made online, and another is to be sent to the customer if the payment is going to be made offline. A third email template is sent to the office if a payment is made online and a fourth template can be used for the email sent to the office if payment is going to be made offline. These templates will make it easier to email the necessary information, and only the necessary information, to the designated recipient. The Office emails will continue to have the XML at the end of the confirmation.

Enhancement 5: Editing Property Details

A new property search code will be added to the AcuWeb Configuration to allow the user to search for a specific property to edit. This enhancement is going to massively cut down on the amount of time it takes to find the property the user wants to edit because they would no longer have to page through the entire Property List.

An additional link ‘Search by Code’ will be added to the right of the Property Search link. When the user clicks this link a text box and Go button will be displayed. Entering a Property Code in this box and clicking Go will direct the user to the specific property page for editing, streamlining the search process.

Enhancement 6: Auto Balance Prompt

The AcuWeb system will be enhanced so that redundant prompts will be reduced. At the moment, if the AcuWeb Configuration has an AutoCollect Label defined in the Payments section the customer is asked if they wish to agree to an auto balance collection. The system will be updated so that if the customer is paying the full amount at point of booking, this prompt is not displayed as there is no balance to collect.

Web Applications would like to thank its users for making use of the