The Book of Allan

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

This week it is Allan’s turn to be profiled. Allan is Web Applications’ Network Engineer and has been a part of the company for over a year. I should probably mention he likes Coke Zero.

As Network Engineer Allan has a unique role within Web Applications. He works as a support for the internal network of Web Applications and provides external support for clients’ systems. Whilst other Engineers in the services department provide support for products like Tr@veller and Acuweb, Allan supports things like Windows 7 and OCS. He also considers SQL ‘voodoo magic’; whether that’s meant as a compliment or disparagement I am not sure. Allan fixes anything in the office that breaks and spends his days installing software, checking back-ups, looking for updates, and shovelling snow. Allan has also been recognised as having spent more time than the rest of the office combined watching progress bars for updates.

As so often happens with these profiles, all the really interesting stories about Allan emerge from other people. Allan himself conceded that he has been a reserve for the Territorial Army for six or seven years and plays the most terrifying PC game I’ve ever seen called Left 4 Dead 2 (a rookie mistake would be to look for it on Google Images) but that was the extent of it. So I turned to Allan’s colleagues for anecdotes; they poured in like rain from the heavens.