Holy Smokes Batman, That’s a Lot of Recruits!

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Web Applications is expanding! We have begun hiring quite a few new people to accommodate our increasing work load. We currently have two new hires and are looking forward to the addition of even more.

As of this week Web Applications has two new people, Alistair and John. Alistair is a Project Manager and John is a Software Engineer in the Support Department, both have settled in well on their first day and have signed up to participate in the Office Wii Tournament. Participation (read: competition) is highly valued. Aside from a few small glitches the pair appears to have had a pretty smooth transition into Web Applications, and we are happy to welcome them on board.

Apart from these two we have a list of others who are going to be joining us in the coming weeks. Two weeks from now another Project Manager will be starting as well as a Web Designer, both of which we are very excited about. In addition to that, we are looking to add one more Software Engineer for the Support Department, two new Web Developers and two new Software Engineers; all the these positions can be found advertised on the jobs section of the website.