Profile of the Week, Naomi: The Gatekeeper

Naomi McKenna, the Administrative Assistant and my lovely desk partner, is being profiled this week. If you have ever called Web Applications UK you are likely to be already acquainted with Naomi’s sweet personality, and if you have ever left dishes in the sink or oddments in the Meeting Room you will already be familiar with Naomi’s wrath. Two sides, one girl, many duties.

One thing that strikes me as I talk to Naomi today (as well as every day, I sit next to her) is the sheer number of things she does each day. Not only is she the front line for calls as she takes charge of the switchboard, she has a host of other duties as well. Naomi handles some HR tasks like holiday booking and she’s the one to talk to if you call in sick; she books the Meeting Room, she schedules interMighty Maxviews and fields recruitment queries, she handles the purchase ledger, she creates quotes, she does the post, she arranges all travel and couriers, and finally, she is in charge of office tidiness. With this last responsibility she has a slight tendency to veer towards fury when things are unkempt. She’s been here since January 2007, so at least she’s used to it. Some of the changes she notes about Web Apps since she began are its growth and how much she likes the new building saying ‘this place feels much more like Web Applications.’

When asked about her most and least favourite aspects of her job, she answered her favourite part was being able to take on new tasks and responsibilities, exampled by her new role as Event Planner. If she could change one thing about her job it would be the office geography. You see Naomi sits at the Front desk, in the outer room if you will. Almost all the rest of her colleagues reside in the main room, so it is a tad bit isolated.

Enough about her job, let’s learn a bit more about Naomi the person. Naomi’s favourite movie is ‘The Green Mile’ and favourite band is Oasis though she likes a variety of music and really enjoys solidly cheesy feel-good tunes.
Naomi is quite a healthy person and is currently participating in the Actimel Challenge. She also enjoys spending time with her German Shepherd, Mighty Max. Max enjoys playing in the snow, long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners for two. If you would like to spend time with Max…forget it, he’s taken.

When it comes to hobbies Naomi likes shopping and holidays, or a combination of the two. The best holiday she’s taken recently was to Malia in Crete. Why Malia? The sun, the sand and the atmosphere. From the sound of it the week’s weather was perfect and Malia had some great activities for after the sun set. Naomi has her sights set on an even better holiday, suggesting that in all likelihood she hasn’t taken her best vacation yet, it’s just over the horizon.

That’s all the time for today; make sure to keep a lookout for next week’s profile!