Knowing Me, Knowing Shui … Ah Ha!

Each week you should start to expect a profile piece featuring a member of Web Applications UK so you can get to know us a bit better. First up: Shui Ip.

Shui is a Senior Engineer in our Services department; he joined Web Applications UK in December 2003 making him one of the top four longest serving members of staff.  He was born in Ashton-under-Lyne in January 1980 and we just celebrated his 30th birthday. We may have been more excited than he was, but honestly, we thought he knew about that grey hair.  He is an avid
supporter of Manchester United and had season tickets until he realised he no longer had any free time.  Aside from football Shui also likes console games (Wii, Xbox, etc.), playing with technology and going to the gym.  When talking about favourites he prefers to eat Lobster and cheesecake (separately I assume), and watch Heroes and Japanese Animation.  But that’s not all he’s interested in; I think Shui is a bit of a romantic.
Last February he took a trip to Egypt with his girlfriend, Debbie, because he wanted to propose at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Whilst on their vacation the two also saw the Valley of the Kings and visited Luxor.  Debbie hails from Hale (I couldn’t resist) and has been with Shui for the past ten years.  The pair hopes to move to Cheshire before their wedding on August 29.

Shui didn’t tell me this himself, but I gather from other employees that he’s a bit of a gaming whiz.  I’m told he has been the champion of the Wii Tennis and Mario Kart tournaments for the past two years and is the person to beat on the iPhone game bejeweled.

And now a little about what Shui does.  As part of the services team he resolves issues clients have with their technology to make sure everything runs the way it should.  Though most of his time is spent working with issues that have arrived through email, he still spends a substantial amount of time talking people through issues over the phone.  On a busy day he will spend up to a quarter of his day on the phone; it doesn’t bother him too much though because he enjoys what he does and likes being able to talk to different people during the day as much as he likes fixing things (which is a lot).  When I asked him what his favourite part about work was, he really was quick to reply ‘my team and the people I work with’.

Shui left me with a parting piece of advice if I ever had IT trouble, ‘If it doesn’t work, restart your machine.’  Tune in next week for the next Employee Profile.