This year’s User Group Seminar finds a home

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Bit by bit the plans for this year’s User Group Seminar are coming together.  The location has now been chosen and our UGS will be held at The Castlefield Rooms above Albert’s Shed in Manchester, very close to Deansgate Rail Station (M3 4LZ).  Albert’s Shed is one of our Chief Exec’s favourite places so we are very excited that the same chef who prepares their food is going to be cooking our food, because we all know when the chief is happy, everyone is happy.  We were able to have a look around the rooms we would be using and they are by far the best we’ve seen.  The Merchant Room is where the main seminar will take place, fully equipped with Cabaret seating (this was a necessity, theatre seating induces sleep), floor to ceiling windows for natural light and a wonderfully warm, modern feel.  Adjacent to the Merchant Room is the Brindley Room which is full of character with beautiful wooden floors as well as loft-style roof beams, and will make a nice change of scenery for the midday break.

That’s it for now; the date is still a bit nebulous but has been corralled to sometime in May. Stay tuned for more updates on the UGS progress.