SharePoint makes the world go ’round

I almost made two grown men cry the other day.  I told them I didn’t really ‘get’ SharePoint. Yes I use it every day but I had trouble seeing the big picture. Well, half an hour and a quick but longing gaze at some Ferrari’s later, I think I understand.  The overwhelming message my wiser friends imparted was simply, SharePoint is life. It is connected to almost everything that happens, it is where you find everything you did, are doing, and will do.  You are not the centre of the Universe, SharePoint is.


In a way, SharePoint is whatever you need it to be.  It can be a public facing website (à la Ferrari); it can be fully customisable with form templates in InfoPath through .Net programming; it can be a central repository for all company documents; and it is apparently the most useful information management system known to man. Well, now that I have paid the requisite homage to SharePoint, why don’t we re-gather some equanimity and take a balanced look at what